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Panel Glide Blinds

Austrian blinds

PANEL BLINDS Are unique that the wide panels reflect daylight and night light effectively and Panel blinds stack neatly.Panel blinds are ideal for sliding doors,large windows and as a room divider. Drawing options left, right or centre opening. Child safety compliant Wand Operation,with oval bottom rail bar.

Austrian Blinds

Austrian blinds

AUSTRIAN CURTAINS add a touch of class to the interior of your homes? There is nothing that can provide sophistication like the Austrian Blinds can. Austrian Blinds are actually not blinds; instead, they are more like curtains with a twist. They have a "fullness" of twice the track and batten width of regular blinds. The other difference is that Austrian Blinds are piled up from the bottom to the top. This is done with the help of cords, that have been attached to the back of the blinds - which you have to pull in order to fold them.

Vertical Blinds

roman blinds

VERTICAL BLINDS come in a variety of blackout and translucent materials.Most of them which can be easily sponge cleaned. There are also matching materials available for Vertical Blinds. Its operated by using cord or wand controls. Slat widths: 89 / 100 / 127 Finish Type: Bottom chain, or chain-less Operation. Pelmet fabric / Track fabric insert Use: Ideal solution for covering windows or to a sliding door. There are three ways in which the Vertical Blinds can pull. They can either stack up to the left or to the right - or the blind can split in the middle and retract to both left and right to become"Centre open".


Aluminium Blinds

vertical blinds

SLIMLINE VENETIAN BLINDS / Micro (25mm, 35mm, 50mm) Aluminium Venetians. Finish Type: Plain colours / Metallic,Operation: Lift: Cord / Tilt Use: Window covering that can be complimented with curtains or Roller Blinds Benefit: Provides privacy with adjustable light control and the ability to either see through or have it completely closed. The Aluminium Venetian Blinds are available in three different widths: 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. Aluminium Venetian Blinds are available in a wide range of colours,inc'wood grain look' The Aluminium Venetian Blinds are operated using cords and a tilt rod. The cords are used to raise and lower the blind, while the tilt rod is used to angle the blind.

Timber Venetians blinds

roman blinds

TIMBER BLINDS / PVC timber look-alike Slat widths: 50mm / 63mm Finish Type: Oiled cedar / Lacquered cedar / Painted basswood Operation:Timber/Pvc venetians provides privacy with adjustable light control and the ability to either see through, or have it completely blocked. Wooden Venetian Blinds are operated using a cord which is used to raise and lower (and tilt) the blind to the desired angle. Our Venetian Blinds are crafted from basswood Timber. Our Timber Venetian Blinds are genuine and made using the best quality available (basswood) which will last for years. Our Blinds also come with colour matching wooden pelmets.

S-Fold Sheer Curtains

vertical blinds

S,FOLD SHEER CURTAINS for modern homes,provide an elegant sophisticated look and feel.Specially designed tracks create a continuous S shape in the curtains with definition from the tracks all the way to the base.S,fold sheer curtains work particularly well with on the ceiling or wall fixed.

Eyelet sheer Curtains


EYELET SHEER CURTAINS can transform a window completely, creating a sense of opulence and personality that lifts the atmosphere of your room Circular holes in the header allow the drapes to be opened and closed smoothly. Our eyelet curtains are available in calming tones and stunning shades, giving them a timeless appeal that not only adds value to your property, but also impresses guests and visitors alike.

Roman Blinds

roman blinds

ROMAN BLINDS will add a luxurious and stylish look to your home. They are easy to operate,and maintain. When choosing Roman Blinds, you have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. These include: plain or textured. or with a front batten finish.Type: Block-out / Translucent Finish Type: Back batons / Operation: Cord / Chain Use: Can be used on its own or can be complemented with a Roller Blind Screen for day time privacy. Our Roman Blinds are all made with aluminium extrusions which are "upgraded Roman Blinds. " There is no sewing in the process which results in no stitch holes becoming visible on the block-out fabrics. Since we use the aluminium extrusions as the back batten; our Roman Blinds folds up and down perfectly.


Roller Blinds


HOLLANDS or ROLLER BLINDS. Known as: Holland Blind / Roller blind /Block-out blind Fabric Type: Screen / Translucent / Block-out Finish Type: Bottom bar / Scallop Chain operated Double Bracket: Useful for having two blinds in one Use: Can be used on its own or can be complemented with sheer curtains over it Benefit: When rolled up, the blind doesn't take up much window space & easy to operate and clean. Roller Blind fabric is available in the various materials,colors including: plain, patterned, translucent and block-out. Most materials are suitable for moist conditions, such as: kitchens, bathrooms, and can be can be sponge cleaned. The blind is opreated via the chain.can be fixed either inside or outside the window recess and is operated using a sidewinder, which is used to pull the. blind up and/or down Bottom bars are available in a variety of colours to either match or contrast with the colour of the blind.



SCREEN ROLLER BLINDS can be used as a "privacy blind" during day as it allows you to see from inside to outside whilst a person on the outside can't see the inside. Sunscreen roller blinds come in variety colors to compliment the blockout fabric or on its own,Sunscreen Roller Blinds give an elegant and sophisticated appearance to any window and at the same time provide the three following benefits: 1) Heat control and glare reduction 2) Maximum eye comfort 3) Preserve your view to the outside with daytime privacy and easy to clean.



PELMETS are the ideal covering addition to insulate your windows and save on energy bills. Adding a pelmet frame to your window covers the blinds to create a streamlined look that is neat, classy, and stylish. Furthermore, Fabric or wooden pelmets can be fitted into the recess or the face of the architrave to make an additional impression with the contrast. Pelmets are very popular option to finish off a room in a beautiful manner and come in many colours and patterns.

OUT DOOR BLINDS&AwningFolding arm .


Outdoor Blinds &Awning canvas Blinds  are made of tuff fabrics and designed to last hassle free for  years.Outdoor blinds and folding arm canvas will cover areas such as verandas,decks,pergolas,balconies. Outdoor Blinds &Awnings protects against strong winds ,UV rays, rain and heat. Comes complete with precision crank control or Spring assist, OR  reliable ALPHA motors with ,Awnings, ZIPTRACKS remote control for easy raising and lowering comes in multiple colours to choose from.Transform your outdoor area into a functioning room.


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